Our simple endeavor began 25 years ago and what occured is rather extraordinary. We were born dedicated to purposeful engineer multisport solutions through functional technology and we turned the industry upside down in ever category.

World-class triathletes from Chris McCormack to Mirinda Carfrae have turned to us throughout their careers to address their biggest challenges in positioning and technical performance. Amateur athletes of all levels from elites to the final finisher at 16:59:59 affect our development process. Bike fit professionals worldwide turn to us for the products that can be endlessly tweaked and seamlessly combined to achieve the perfect fit for even their most challenging projects.

We pay attention to the details - whether we are designing extension bends for different types of rider's wrist angles, testing aerobar brackets to unparalleled standards or engineering industry-leading brake performance on our new rims, we are constantly pushing the limits of design innovation to increase athlete performance. 

25 years later, we continue to evolve and fine-tune the details, setting the standard for better handling, improved aerodynamics, increased adjustability and superior fit.