Performance can quickly become an obsession. A fire that burns deep in the DNA of competitors.

It’s what fuels the unquenchable thirst to be faster, stronger, better. And it’s been
the driving force behind Speedplay pedals since day one. When we first analyzed conventional
pedal design, we saw gaping holes in functionality and huge opportunities to capture untapped
power. So we created a radically new pedal system from scratch. And from its raw beginnings,
it worked. Racers took notice. They rode. They talked.
We listened.

For 20 years that ongoing dialogue between elite riders and obsessive designers has propelled
Speedplay to the top of our game and to the top of podiums worldwide. The Tour de France.
Giro d’Italia. Vuelta a España. Paris-Roubaix. The Five Monuments of Cycling. World Road,
Time Trial and Triathlon Championships. And countless others. From the globe’s most famous
races to the daily rides of cyclists everywhere, Speedplay puts performance first.