The history of Selle Italia is made of victories... dreamed, followed and achieved.

For Selle Italia tradition is 116 years (1897-2013) of achievement and an
industrial and sport adventure lived day by day with the same undying
passion. Innovate or remain faithful to tradition? Both. All too easy, when
one’s tradition is that of inventing as well as constantly exploring new
concepts, construction methods and materials. But nothing is improvised:
only those with the time, experience and an undying passion - the
fundamental values of Selle Italia - can succeed. We have been carrying
out this activity for over one hundred years, perfecting it while working
leather and steel, interpreting saddle needs over the decades.

Selle Italia is a pioneer in the creation of technological innovations
specifically designed for the male and the female anatomy; it introduced
the use of gel and has achieved otherwise unthinkable levels of lightweight
and comfort, setting new standards in bicycle saddle aesthetics. But
above all, it has turned the saddle from a mere component of the bicycle
into a factor of well-being for the rider, ultimately making it a cult object
for athletes. Just as it was 100 years ago manual skills and technology,
tradition and research are the hall-marks of Selle Italia Made in Italy an
emblem recognised throughout the world.