The Asungtaba Bike Basket – The story

It started with an inspired remark by a House of Talents volunteer:
“Wouldn’t these beautiful baskets make a lovely bicycle basket?”
We had been working with Joseph and his community of Ghanaian
basket weavers for only a few months. Yet, we knew the idea would
help the weavers diversify their product line and reach a wider
When we approached Joseph and the community of basket weavers,
they welcomed the idea with enthusiasm. The bicycle baskets
are providing income to over 1000 Ghanaian women in Joseph’s
community. Additionally, House of Talents is providing health insurance,
establishing a library and a scholarship fund for the children in the
community in which our basket weavers reside. As you can see,
stewardship and opportunity can partner when simply inspired by
those who take time to care. Be inspired along with us! Happy Riding.