In 1994 Paul Maples, a retired research chemist, was determined to find a way to end the messy inconvenience and performance inefficiencies caused by the dirt, grease, and grime build up on his bicycle chain.

He set out to develop the first and only chain lube that would “self clean”. Clean Ride™ is that product; the original White Lightning chain lube. Clean Ride has become world renown because it actually repels and sheds dirt and grime from the chain and other drivetrain components while you ride. It was, and is, so unique it has been awarded four patents. Since then, White Lightning products have grown to become recognized globally as the brand that means “Clean Riding”.

From Clean Ride to Epic Ride™ to Wet Ride™ – all White Lightning lubricants perform better and stay cleaner longer than those of the competition. After taking over the company in 2000, Hank Krause and his team have continued to develop new products that stay true to the “Committed to Clean” philosophy of White Lightning. While continuing to add unique new products like Clean Streak™ and Crystal Grease™ to the bicycle care side of the company, White Lightning has developed a range of Performance Accessories for the bicycle, car, and home. Starting with the Johnny™ product line, White Lightning now offers innovative ways to safely and cleanly store and transport you bicycle and accessories. White Lightning is committed to producing a steady stream of innovative new products and product improvements. Although White Lightning has grown to become the best selling bicycle lubricant in the USA and enjoys strong sales and popularity in over 25 countries, we remain a small and passionate company, focused on making each and every one of our products to very exacting standards. We hope you’ll try them out on your next ride – we know you’ll be impressed.