We recently celebrated 50 years of existence and 50 world go-kart champions. The young, up-coming generations today would call it “next level”. We call it “doing our job”. We love it.

We have been proudly supplying brake pads to the winners, and we are focused on providing “next level” materials for the best go-kart teams and rental businesses in the world, as well as OEM manufacturers.

It is our unique approach to each individual racer and his needs, and our skill to develop completely new braking materials quickly. That enables us to improve rapidly and help winners race on the edge of their performance!

Sinter employs 25 experts and we operate our own laboratories and production line. We deliver 90% of our production straight to OEM manufacturers and large customers - more than 5 million pieces annually! In some segments we are the only manufacturer located outside Asia.

We specialize in race and rental karting brake pads, brake discs and lamellar clutches, and a growing offering of brake pads for the off road, road, and electric bicycles. We are a factory supplier for top high-performance motorcycles, such as Aprilia and KTM Duke.

It is an honor and luxury that we can test our developing products with the most demanding riders in the world and use their feedback to provide the best brake pads for specific use in any given segment. All this, while our production meets the strictest European environmental demands.

As friction specialists we take on industrial challenges to deliver tailor made friction applications to specific customers.

The ISO-9001 Quality Management Certificate implementation enables us to manage our own in-house research & development, and production quality to the highest standard. We want and we need to be consistent, as we sell brake pads in more than 130 countries. There is no room for inconsistencies.

Stopping or slowing down at the right moment in the right way is the most important thing for your safety. We take it personally!