Outdoor Gear Canada was founded on two simple ideas. First, offer premium cycling products on the market. And second, share our passion for “all things bike” — the fitness, convenience, competition and fun, not to mention the environmental benefits.

Do these things really well, and people will respond. They have responded. We were ahead of the curve in 1979, and have since watched North Americans embrace a healthier, greener and more economical way to get around. Our attitude tells you a lot about how we run our own shop, too. Our Montreal offices and warehouse are LEED-certified. And we believe OGC is a great place to work. We encourage a healthy lifestyle, have an in-house gym and a bike-to-work program (well, of course!). We also offer progressive education, training and profit sharing programs. So, yes, we were ahead of the curve when we introduced Canada to iconic brands such as Kryptonite, Gary Fisher, Specialized and Oakley. And we’re still scouring the globe for products to add to our roster. We used to say OGC stands for first class gear for first class cycling. We still haven’t found a better way to express what we stand for.

HYDRO-QUÉBEC EXCELLENCE AWARD 2009 - High performance in energy efficiency
ECOENERGY AWARD 2008 - Energy saving & greenhouse gas emissions reduction