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Cycling makes Canada better

If you are part of the Canadian cycling industry and you are not familiar with Vélo Canada Bikes (VCB) we strongly urge you to look into this great advocacy organization. Their initiatives in promoting the implementation of a national cycling strategy are phenomenal and obviously align with our industry's interests.

OGC is proud to be a supporter of Vélo Canada Bikes and was honoured to have received the 2019 Vélo Canada Bike Industry Award at the recent 2019 National Bike Summit in Ottawa (more on the summit below).

Vélo Canada Bikes and a national cycling strategy :

VCB is involved in a range of cycling advocacy projects across the country from lobbying for infrastructure additions and improvements to supporting cycling events like "Ride your riding" that encourage policy makers to take a closer look at making cycling safer and more accessible in their regions. VCB also organizes a yearly cycling summit in Ottawa that brings together industry members, advocates and policy makers to promote cycling throughout the country.

One of VCB’s most important priorities is to have the federal government enact a National Cycling Strategy in collaboration with provincial and municipal authorities. Similar strategies have been implemented in other countries with great success.

You can view VCB’s proposal here :

We encourage everyone in the industry, suppliers and retailers, to join and support Vélo Canada Bikes in their efforts to make cycling easier, safer and more popular in Canada.

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